Pokémon Go: the specialists of the game that you should follow

fdvwdvdfwe Pokémon continues to talk and continues to provide headlines, for better or worse. There is no doubt that millions of users around the world have felt compelled to try it at some point or another of the time, which has only fueled the legend of this title as the greatest moving sensation of all time. The numbers speak for themselves, it is something that can not be discussed. At the time of its release GO Pokémon became the perfect definition of what happens when the hype is created in the right way and against that you can not fight.

pokemon go incense hack
Today all sorts of tricks related to Pokémon GO have come up. From radar applications – which Niantic is trying to load at all costs – ways to play it on the PC and even alternative recreations to the MMORPG, the most popular mobile game of recent years has already gone through a series of trances that surely not yet They are over.
Another thing that the game still has are enough fans. If you are one of them, you want to get the entire collection of pokémon but do not want to move from your sofa, then read on because this interests you.

Use BlueStacks to play GO Pokémon
In fact, the BlueStacks emulator is the best solution to enjoy the Pokémon GO experience on the PC. In order to install and play the game using this method you only have to follow the following steps:
Download the latest version of BlueStacks. If you have an older version you must delete it.
Once you have the emulator open you will see Pokémon GO in the list of most downloaded applications. If you do not find it, you can use your search engine to download it from Google Play, without using third-party downloads.
When you have installed it, look for the map icon on the left side of the screen. You can click near your current location or select another. Once you have done this, click the orange Play button that you will see on the right.
The next step is the easiest: open the app and start playing. To move you can use the keys WASD of your keyboard.

If you press the shift key at the same time as one of these others you will see that your character runs. In this way we avoid having to perform several previous steps that the previous installation method did ask us, namely:
You no longer need to use KingRoot to use administrative apps with BlueStacks.
Use Lucky Patcher to have full control over application permissions.
Fake GPS is installed by default with BlueStacks, so it is no longer necessary to install it ourselves afterwards.
BlueStacks download Pokémon GO directly from Google Play, so we no longer need to get the APK apart.

At this time Niantic has eliminated any possibility of playing Pokémon GO on BlueStacks. This is what those responsible for the most popular Android emulator have said about it through a statement through his blog:
We are saddened to announce that it is time to say goodbye to GO Pokémon. Niantic has gone out of its way to prevent Pokémon GO from running on rooted devices and emulators like BlueStacks and we no longer support it. If you want this to change, please contact Niantic directly. We will not play the game of cat and mouse.
What alternatives are left for those who want to play Pokémon GO on the PC? For now it seems that the only option is Pokémon GO Roblox. We already commented in their article that the game experience is not similar, but for what it seems this is the only solution for now.
As a summary, we remember that Pokémon GO Roblox is a sandbox with elements of MMORPG, edited through a platform designed to spread educational games aimed at children and adolescents between 8 and 18 years. In it the players look for pokémon through their avatars in the streets of a virtual city.

One of the goals of Pokémon GO is to complete the pokédex (a kind of pokémon encyclopedia). To achieve this, users must capture all the Pokémon they encounter and hatch the eggs they receive in the poképaradas.

Generally, most Pokémon GO users who visit a Pokémon receive pokéballs, superballs, potions, relive, and 2 and 5 km eggs, from which relatively common Pokémon hatch.

Rare Pokémon GO users can obtain 10 km eggs, incense, incubators, among other very rare objects that are desired by the players of this video game.

Pokémon GO

However, there is an extremely secret and 100% effective trick that will allow you to get 10km eggs every time you visit a poképarada. Do you dare to try? In our gallery we show you the steps that you must follow.

Another of the tricks so that you can hatch the eggs faster, is that you must walk straight, without bending continuously through the streets. Remember that there are different types of eggs, the more you walk through these long avenues, the faster they will burst.

Pokémon Go players are always looking for tricks and tips for advancing and gaining benefits in the video game. In social networks you get to know what a good radar to find creatures, or how to capture some rare pokemon.

One such network is precisely YouTube, where expert users of Pokémon Go use their channels to offer valid and important information for all interested in the game, especially for those who can not give themselves much time to play and complete an adventure.


One of the experts in Pokémon Go most media and known on YouTube, is undoubtedly the Spanish Luzu, administrator of his channel “Luzugames” who a few days ago was in Lima at the Entel Media Fest and gave time to visit La Punta, a Place where they usually appear quite rare pokémones.
Although Luzu publishes information related to technology, has gained in the last weeks more followers, thanks to the advice and experiences that gives on Pokémon Go.


Also, another specialist in Pokémon Go that puts videos on YouTube is the user “Bl3sSur” who is a fan and commentator of Pokémon. In its publications you can see all kinds of experiences linked to the franchise.

This youtuber raises content of the franchise Pokémon, more than anything of the videojuegos developed by GameFreak. He shows tricks and hidden contents of these deliveries.

Here you can follow your channel


This user was champion in Spain during the first generation of the video games of Pokémon. Now upload content about the video game on YouTube.

Here you can follow your channel


Lyra is a fanatic dubbing actress of Nintendo. She uploads videos to YouTube about her great passion. There he is seen playing Pokémon, Zelda, among others.

Here you can follow your channel


Upload all kinds of tricks related to the games of Game Freak. The complete series of Red Fire, Heartgold and Emerald are now available.


This YouTube channel uploads Pokémon guides in Spanish and English. In turn reports the arrival of new deliveries of the franchise.


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