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Mankind Divided opens a few years after the events of Human Revolution, hanging up the cars through a small pirouette screenplay. After the madness of unbridled transhumanism and its extreme excesses related to the accident of the “Panchea” The world is now in crisis; the increased are treated as outcasts while the landscape of finance is disguised to better fit the face of the new company without mercy, won by his primary reflexes of exclusion and xenophobia. However, it will take a bloody attack to ignite the powder keg, leaving the CRA, a nonviolent coalition for equal rights increased, the role of the perfect scapegoat. It is on this board that the plot starts to Adam Jensen, clearly laying the foundations of an investigation it will be necessary to deploy such an origami to the end of the game.


soon we will notice the gameplay Divided Mankind uses the same base than its predecessor and opts for a wide range of options left to the player. We thus find a mix of stealth action with a touch of RPG, and missions will require roughly connect point A to point B by choosing one of the many paths between. Because what really characterizes MD, it is the freedom of approaches – and resolutions – available to anyone who plunge into his world. Whether one decides to play Bourne, Bond, McLane, Rambo, McGyver or even to some extent the Neo, the title presents all these approaches and lets you juggle them as we see fit, just to create experience to the board.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – Screenshot éditeurChaque obstacle invariably several solutions and no matter his style of play or the direction taken in the talent tree, it is always possible to overcome a challenge for little we prospected some in the area. It is the exploration and patience that are constantly rewarded – either through some points of XP, one or two items or even a shortcut on the rise – and all well transpire obviously on the side of a level design as successful as pleasant to go. The proliferation of access roads, the density of these and harmony among them never leave the player lost, developers taking into account all the game design issues without falling into the facility. This infinite trompe l’oeil is the great success of a game that convinces you that you can go in round triangles, like a game of chess where the machine defies player creativity. Proof is this Breach mode, implemented by Eidos Montreal, which offers a mix between a VR Missions Metal Gear Solid and T.R.O.N. : Totally independent of the progression with Adam, this mode is the opportunity to push the gameplay and possible challenges to their limits.

This quest asks us to retrieve an object in an opposing base Examples include. Will you pass through the front door for trimming the end of fat with the head and convince him to let you the item? Or go through ventilation ducts and observe the round of guards to better reach the chest and smuggle in the same way? It is also possible to go on half infiltration and paste a few headlines in the necks to access the valuable; but beware, it will hide the body not the other grunts from falling over. We can also go back at gunpoint, and negotiations in the purest tradition of the Fifth Element. Finally, the ultimate nag will turn to the “increases” and explosives 360 shots, while the bottom floor of martens have probably noticed a toxic gas line nearby, an unfortunate accident will drill for everyone asleep.

But where Mankind Divided ends tu excellence is that it happens to bind level design and quest design to offer a coherent whole, where form and content are one. This creates an emulation that grows constantly forward, such as in this side mission where you are asked to investigate a group sniffing too closely the activities of Interpol in Prague, whose presence is supposed to be secret. After a long time to gather clues, free the player to take the Dirty Harry option by finally silence those curious blows .357 magnum and at the same time to complete this goal. It is also quite possible to search a bit to go their hideouts and confront through a dialogue, in which it will be possible to show the muscles to intimidate or play finer and do them a favor against their silence . The established relationship will result (or not) to bring back this group several times in the adventure and even several hours later to continue the small story arc begun with them.


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